About Me

Hi, my name’s David Osei, or just call me the Toilet Guy! At the ways101.com, I and my teammates have made it a goal to find the best toilet products online. We’re passionate about beautiful bathrooms, so we’ve decided to find, review, and compare the best toilets and toilet seats available online.

As you’ll have noticed with the name of the site, I started with toilets, but why stop there? There are hundreds of toilet choices and even more toilet seats. Never mind other toilet accessories.

It can be a little daunting choosing the best toilet items online because they all look great, and they can also be rather expensive. Well, before making your final purchasing decision, check out the many toilet review sites and buyers’ guides on this website.

That toilet you had your eyes on might not be as highly rated as you thought. Find out which brand of toilets leads the way for innovation, and technology. Find out which toilets are the best value and which ones flush money down the proverbial toilet.

We hope you find our website interesting and useful and that it helps you find what you’re looking for.