Parts of a Toilet Seat: Understand the Parts of a Toilet

Toilet Seat Parts

A toilet is a very fundamental and important part of a bathroom. It is obvious that the bathroom is useless without a toilet. The toilet’s main purpose is to provide the person with a comfortable and relaxed place to do their personal business. A toilet is the irreplaceable item of a bathroom. A toilet has … Read more

What are the Parts of a Toilet Tank: Detailed Explanation

toilet tank parts

A toilet is a very important part of a bathroom in your house. In today’s world, a house is not considered complete without a bathroom. Similarly a bathroom is incomplete without a toilet. A toilet is a facility that provides hygiene services for people. A toilet has a positive impact on a person’s health by … Read more

A Step By Step Guide about How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet

How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet

Toilet issues like blockage, bubbling, gurgling are issues that should not be under estimated and should not be ignored. They need proper attention and the problems related to these issues should be resolved at once to avoid any mess or big problem in future. If you see the symptoms of a faulty plumbing, you should … Read more

Toto Drake vs Drake II : Which One Should You Buy?

Toto Drake vs Drake II : Which One Should You Buy?

The Toto Drake and Drake II toilets have many similarities. If you are planning to change or replace your toilet then you will be searching many options to get the best toilet. Toilet comes in many different styles, designs, heights and flushing capacities. You search and find information about many brands before making the buying … Read more

Wax vs Waxless Toilet Seal Explained


Imagine that whenever you enter into your bathroom, you find the floor always wet. This not only creates a bad smell in the bathroom, but can also cause accidents by slipping. Permanent leakage or presence of water in your bathroom can cause moisture in the bathroom area. This moisture can cause molds and fungus development. … Read more

Push Button Toilet Vs Handle Flush – Which One Is Best


Toilets have come a long way since their evolution. Many technologies have been applied to improve the functionality and performance of toilets. Some technologies get more acceptance and appreciation. Some technologies get discarded away with the passage of time. When you go to the market, there are many options available regarding toilets. There is also … Read more